Sunday Sermon Debrief (June 18)

There are a lot of times in life we wonder why God took this person. Upon graduation one of the first deaths that I had to face was a middle-aged father who lost his life to a bee sting. He left behind three kids, including a young boy who was in elementary school. The family had to make the decision to remove this father from life support but before that the young boy wanted to say goodbye. I was asked to take him back there and on our way he told me “my dad’s so strong when they turn that machine off, he’s going to wake up.” Obviously this broke my heart because I knew the truth. The machines were soon turned off and I stood there with his mother and his wife crying on each shoulder. I wondered for so long why God would allow this to happen. In fact I sit here today and wonder about several of the deaths I have been a part of and cannot see the good that came from it. Faith is a huge part of the Christian life but its most definitely not the easiest part. Today, as I think about my sermon from yesterday and then think about the people I know whose lives were ended all too early. I simply praise God for his power and knowledge, and recognize that I must have faith that He is a Just and Good God who will always take care of His people. Heaven will be a much better reward than anything experienced here on Earth.

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