Vital Church- Our Weakness Talk Sheet-3/10/19

Every church member is blessed with different talents and abilities and therefore we need to come together to form a complete body made up of a variety of talents. We are not perfect and though we are tattered and torn in the eyes of the world, we are still the bride of Christ.

The local church is vital because there is a purpose for our weakness! 

It’s important to know our strengths and weaknesses; our gifts and lack there of. If we don’t know our talents then we don’t know how best to serve the church and therefore the Lord. Knowing your talents requires self examination. But how often do we take our eyes off of our brother long enough to examine ourselves and actually do something about what we discover? 

When we learn where we are weak, then we can see where others in the church may be strong and we can rely upon them. 

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

Here are 5 Things that stood out to Steven from this scripture:

The Spirit is the glue that holds us together

-We each have a purpose and belong to the whole body

God designed each local church, including Pleasant Grove

Since God designed the church and its parts, we cannot treat those we see as less honorable as unneeded if they are using the talent God blessed them with

We suffer together and rejoice together, because we are one. We need each other and can not operate without one another

So in the ideal situation, a church is full of people with various talents working towards a common goal: The promotion of the gospel message! 

Before you think of other church members and what they are not doing, do a little self examination and ask God to reveal your talents to you and see if you have been using them for His glory or if you have been keeping them to yourself. If you’ve been keeping them to yourself, pray this week to step out boldly and serve Him like He deserves by serving others in our church and in our community. Let’s work together to spread the gospel message to those who need to hear it!

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